Should I deploy the CVBot if my website doesn't have a lot of traffic?

Updated 2 years ago by Lucie Hubert

Of course, and here is why.

CVbot is a simple plug-in you can set up on any page of your website to turn visitors into candidates. It drives up to 5 times more visitors to actually drop a resume, effortlessly, whether it is on your Careers or Home page.

However, you currently have low traffic on your corporate website. Think that CVbot would be "useless" in your case? You might be surprised.

Here are 3 arguments why you should deploy the CVbot on your website anyway:

  • Setting it up is easy: deploying the CVBot on your website is as simple as changing a typo in the code. It takes only 30 seconds and it is fully customizable: choose the color matching your corporate identity, the name and picture of your recruitment officer, and personalize the text to make it fit your branding.

  • Capturing more candidates: on average, 95% of candidates spend less than 33 seconds on a career website, while only 3% of them complete an application. Everyday the CVbot isn't live on your website, you miss some potential candidates who could have been converted by a simple and seamless application experience.

  • A better overview on your website pages' performance: CVbot is a good indicator of your traffic rate over time, and is also interesting to understand how attractive your employer branding is. Analyse your website traffic and branding power through CVbot and compare the candidates' conversion rate between your different pages.

Want to read more about how CVbot can help you improve your candidate experience and employer branding? This way please.

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