The Mailbox Source

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The Mailbox allows you to automatically synchronize Riminder with any of your email addresses - such as a

Riminder supports multiple types of MAILBOX integrations :

  • Gmail: via a “connect with Google” button

  • Office: via a “connect with Office” button

  • Redirection: we create a redirection email address for you that you’ll have to add manually to your original MAILBOX.

  • Imap*: this integration is less straightforward than the previous ones. In order to set it up, you’ll need the following informations:

    • User Infos: Email, Password

    • Imap Server Infos: Username (usually the same as the email), Imap server address, Imap port (usually 993).

For a non-Gmail and non-Office 365 integration, see How to Redirect Emails from non-Gmail and non-Office 365 mailboxes to Riminder.

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