How to set up the Trello Integration

Updated 2 years ago by Othmane Izi

The Trello integration allows you to create a recruitment board and send profiles on "Go" action as cards with relevant information. 

To integrate with trello, you should have a team created on Trello before. Here is how to create one

Step 1:

Go into your preferences, then select "Integrations". Click on "Install" next to Trello integration. 

Step 2:

Click on "Authenticate", then once click on "Allow" to integrate with Trello.

Step 3:

Choose a Trello organization (team) in which you want to create your Recruiting Board, and click on "Add Trello Integration". 

Step 4:

Now you have a board named "RIMINDER - RECRUITMENT BOARD" created in your organization.  

Profiles that will be marked as "Go" by you and your team members will appear as cards with relevant information in the Go Column. Feel free to customize the rest of the recruitment flow by adding/removing other columns.

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