How to Redirect Emails from non-Gmail and non-Office 365 Mailboxes to Riminder

Updated 2 years ago by Othmane Izi

For non-Gmail and non-Office 365 mailboxes, Riminder provides you with a forwarding address to which you can redirect email.

To get the forwarding address, follow these steps: 

Step 1:

Click on "+" next to "Sources" to start creating a new source.

Step 2:

Choose an "Email" source, then choose the "Redirection" from the dropdown :

Step 3:

Choose a "Source name" for your source, and click on "Create". You will give you a redirection address.

Step 4:

Now you just have to setup the redirection in your mailbox. Hereafter is a list of popular providers explaining how to redirect your emails.
Select your provider and follow the steps: 

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