Connect your Sources

Updated 2 years ago by Othmane Izi

Sources (i.e integrations) correspond to your different channels of candidates or profiles.

Riminder supports multiple types of sources and allows you to :

  • Connect all your data channels (HRIS, INBOX, ATS, SN, etc.) and avoid all that constant switching between them.

  • Manage and access both your internal and external data from one place.

Furthermore, our technology :

  • Supports all kinds of media formats (pdf, word, images).

  • Can scale to +92 different languages.

  • Recognizes multiple resumes within the same document and creates separate profiles for them.

  • Detects resumes, cover letters, other documents, and show them separately.

  • Creates an application history for each individual

Check out how to create a Mailbox, Cvbot, Folder, FacebookPage, Marketplace, Extension or API source.

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