Connect your Sources

Updated 11 months ago by Othmane Izi

Sources (i.e integrations) correspond to your different channels of candidates or profiles.

Riminder supports multiple types of sources and allows you to :

  • Connect all your data channels (HRIS, INBOX, ATS, SN, etc.) and avoid all that constant switching between them.

  • Manage and access both your internal and external data from one place.

Furthermore, our technology :

  • Supports all kinds of media formats (pdf, word, images).

  • Can scale to +92 different languages.

  • Recognizes multiple resumes within the same document and creates separate profiles for them.

  • Detects resumes, cover letters, other documents, and show them separately.

  • Creates an application history for each individual

Check out how to create a Mailbox, Cvbot, Folder, FacebookPage, Marketplace, Extension or API source.

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