The Marketplace source : share profiles with your partners

The Marketplace source allows you to share profile sources with your partner companies.

Partner companies often share resumes, to duplicate their sourcing abilities and join their efforts to recruit the best candidates. 
With the Marketplace feature, you can either:

  • follow a source from your partner. 

  • give your partner access to one of your sources. 

    The receiver will gain access to every resumes received by the sender via this source, as if it was his own source.
    It takes less than one minute to share a source, and every source you follow can be shared to a partner company via a sharable access code. 

    If you want to benefit from one of your partners' shared sources, see Create a Marketplace source  .

    If you want to forward your source to a partner, please follow the steps below. 

    Step 1:

    If it is an already created source, in the list of Sources you follow, choose a source you had created, hover it and click on the edit pen. Otherwise Start creating a new Source.

    Step 2:

    At the bottom of the left-half of your screen, click on the "Share" button. An access code will appear in place of the button.

    Step 3:

    You can copy the access code by clicking on the "Copy" button, then send this code to the partners you wish to share your source with. It is this code that will give them access to your source's resumes.

    If you want to change the code, click on "Reset". Keep in mind that if you change the code, you will have to send the new code to your partner if you want him to keep following your source.

    After copying the code, click on "Done".

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