What external sources are we able to tap into to identify talents (e.g. LinkedIn etc.) in addition to our sources (e.g. ATS, CRM, email etc.)?

Updated 2 years ago by Mouhidine SEIV

There are 2 sources of candidates developed by Riminder that allows you to access to external pools of talents:

  1. The chrome extension: that allows you to source candidates from your favorite social networks (e.g on LinkedIn) and directly import them into Riminder. The most effective use-case of this source is Referral recruitment. Since there is no-limit on the number of users all your employees can install it and feed your talent pool by adding relevant profiles directly from their browser and without hustle every time they come across one.You can download it here.
  2. The marketplace (beta): it allows you to access profiles' libraries of your favorite job boards directly through Riminder.

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