How to set up the Webhook integration

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The Riminder event’s WEBHOOK allows Riminder customers to receive real-time information about the analysis of their databases of resumes (or profiles) which can be useful to monitor the progress of their analysis in Riminder.

The integration allows users, for example, to:

  • get notified when a profile is extracted (or parsed).
  • get notified when a profile is scored for a particular job.
  • get notified when a profile is assessed (tagged: yes, no, later) by a colleague.

To use the WEBHOOK integration, you will need to have already an account on Riminder and to have already set your WEBSITE API. 


Step 1:

 Click on the button "Install" assigned to the WEBHOOK integration, in the "Integrations" tab.

Step 2:

After clicking on the button "Install", the WEBHOOK configuration modal will show-up.

You can specify then the WEBHOOK URL where all your Riminder's events will be sent -
such as: like in the following example.

This will give you access to your WEBHOOK ID and WEBHOOK SECRET KEY (you have to keep them safe). They will allow you to finalize the Webhook integration, as detailed here.

You can disconnect and edit your WEBHOOK URL at any moment.

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