How do we manage legal compliance requirements around a candidate applying for a position?

Updated 2 years ago by Mohamed Benqassmi

As part of our ongoing commitment to data privacy, we have updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the GDPR requirements. Our team has been carefully adapting our operations and contractual commitments to help you be fully compliant with the latest existing regulation.

The client will be responsible for the data submitted by candidates as its capacity of Data Controller, while Riminder mainly act as a Data Processor on Client’s behalf, according to the GDPR provisions.

Besides, Riminder has taken technical and organizational measures to be private by design and ensure the highest level of security, regarding the Technology and the Data processed. In compliance with applicable laws and regulations, we host our servers in Ireland, Europe.


We know anonymizing candidates’ contacts information directly within their resumes (name, phone number, email address, etc.) can be of an interest to Mars. Therefore we provide an anonymization feature that helps companies review candidates without hiding their potential and relevance based on their career paths.

You can read our privacy policy here.

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