How does the software manage different locations? E.g. one job could have three possible location options.

Updated 2 years ago by Mohamed Benqassmi

Riminder allows you to search profiles by different location types, through the "Geolocation" option during the filter creation. It can be:

  • Address: to show candidates that indicated an address close to your selected location.
  • Experience: to show candidates that have or had an experience near your selected location.
  • Education: to show candidates that studied near your selected location.

Enter a location in the "Location" field, and select a "Location range". The filter will show you the candidates that have either an address, an experience, or an education within this radius, depending on the boxes you ticked.

You can always edit those geolocation options once the filter is created, by clicking on the little Edit pen next to your Filter, on the dashboard.

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