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What filters can I create? Here is the list!

What filters can I create? Here is the list! We created more than 150 different filters , representing different jobs needs, that you can create in your account. You can easily search the list by usi…

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How can I see the candidates when I create a new filter?

1) Select a source: After you create a filter, make sure to select at least one source to see your candidates. 2) Choose your filters: You can use the sorting and filtering tools we've created in ord…

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Can Riminder help to build a success profile for a “new” role?

Yes. Riminder " Analytics & Internal Insight " feature can help you to leverage your internal data to build success profile for any type of roles (even those which represents strength but you are not…

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What external sources are we able to tap into to identify talents (e.g. LinkedIn etc.) in addition to our sources (e.g. ATS, CRM, email etc.)?

There are 2 sources of candidates developed by Riminder that allows you to access to external pools of talents: The chrome extension: that allows you to source candidates from your favorite social ne…

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How does the software manage different locations? E.g. one job could have three possible location options.

Riminder allows you to search profiles by different location types, through the "Geolocation" option during the filter creation. It can be: Address : to show candidates that indicated an address clos…

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Are job positions automatically loaded from our ATS or manually plugged in?

No. In Riminder, recruiters do not create job positions but set up permanent filters that corresponds to any type of hiring need they might had, have or will have in the future. Every. Filter in Rimi…

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Does the software integrate with CRM software and talent pools created there?

Yes. Our. API allows candidate's data from any type of source . Data can also be exported from Riminder to any type of source.

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Can the client provide an “ATS candidate ID” in place of name, address, email (e.g. personal data)?

Yes. Our algorithm do not use the personal infos of the candidate to enrich, to score or to justify the score of its profile. Thus, the processing can be done only with the candidate ID: If the data …

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Do I have to use Riminder as separate interface to my ATS or CRM?

Not necessarily. Riminder can be used as a standalone service in charge of the top of your recruitment funnel: It centralizes your sources and databases of profiles including from ATS, CRM, HRIS, etc…

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Can I have an avatar or a random icon as the point of contact appearing on the CVBot?

Yes. You can easily change the point of contact on your CVBot and have an avatar or on icon, such as in the example below. In order to change the contact, you need to go to the 'Point of contact' pro…

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Can the CVBot be integrated with other chatbots?

Yes, Riminder's API allows you to post resumes from any type of source, including other chatbots you might have set up on your website. Simply create an API source following the steps described in th…

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Can we use CVbot for a targeted campaign or job positions?

Yes. There are 3 ways to run CVbot for a targeted campaign or job positions: Customizing both the headlines and the welcome message message according to the specific need. See more . Embedding it in …

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I'm redesigning my website. Should I deploy the CVBot?

I'm redesigning my website. Shoul I deploy CVBot?

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More about our Technology

Our technology is built on 4 different blocks: Parsing : structuring profiles across: Enrichment : predicting: Scoring : relevance of the profile according to the filter and the need. It works across…

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What languages do we support?

We support multiple languages. The solution natively supports English and French. Multiple languages is an option that we can deploy on-demand. Parsing. Current: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian,…

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What support do we provide?

Free Plan: email support. Essential Plan: Priority support email & phone support. Onboarding. Enterprise Plan: Dedicated Support 24/7 support email & phone & Slack. Premium Onboarding

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Where is the candidates data stored?

The candidate data is stored in our servers located in the EU. Our service provider is Amazon AWS Ireland.

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How do we manage legal compliance requirements around a candidate applying for a position?

As part of our ongoing commitment to data privacy, we have updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the GDPR requirements. Our team has been carefully adapting our operations and contractual commitments…

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Should I deploy the CVBot if my website doesn't have a lot of traffic?

Why you should deploy the CVBot on your website even if you don't have a lot of traffic

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